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Poetry for the Lockdown – Resources for writers and would be writers

Courtesy of established local poet David Loffman. We may not have poetry workshops during lockdown, but we do have some resources for you if you feel like trying your hand at writing some poetry for the first time, or you’ve written before but are looking for some sources of inspiration

Click on Poetry for the Lockdown for some prompts for your writing as well as examples of some of the poems that are being written in response to Lockdown.

If you’re looking for inspiration to write something on a different topic, here’s some other sits to take a look at.

Some poetry resources online

Poetry Society

Poetry Archive

Poetry Foundation

Other fabulous resources for poetry readers and writers

Two of David’s blogs concerned with poetry

Conjuring Sunlight

Conjured Sunlight 

We hope you enjoy reading these and if you’re looking for inspiration to write your own poetry we hope you find it here. Please feel free to get in touch with us if you’ve written something you’d like to share with us. This is our Contact Page