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It is hard to replicate our members-only film club on line; we are not licensed to publicly show the films and cinemas are shut so we can’t recommend new releases for you.

However we are excited to be able to give you access to a full length feature film by kind permission of its director Claude Green, a Surbiton resident and member of the film club. Claude writes :

“Some years ago  I left my corporate life to pursue my first love of filmmaking and enrolled at film school.  I started working on the script of The Doo-Dah Man with my co-writer Jack Ballo in 2009. The feature was shot in the summer of 2014. It played at a number of festivals during 2015, including Sonoma, San Antonio, Monaco, Carmarthen Bay, Galway, Southampton and Monaco. It screened in November 2017 on Sky Cinema, (described by the Radio Times as “a breezily charming road movie”.)  I hope you enjoy it. Feel free to review it on IMDB.”

To watch the film, use this link : and this password : doodah2016

For more recommendations of films which are available on public streaming services such as the BBC I-player and the Channel 4 equivalent, please click on the links below where film club members tell you a bit about their choices.