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Online contributions from our community


A selection of scripts from the cornerHOUSEs oneACTS festival, other new writing performed at the cornerHOUSE alongside new monologues from writers whose work has been produced and performed here.

18 at 1800 – The Patio by Jane Marchant

Martin and Stella can’t believe their luck; they have found their perfect new home ,but will lunch on the patio change their minds.  

18 at 1800 – Good Company by Graeme Blackmore

A good company values its employees and manages employee relationships without anyone ever knowing and, yes, really cares!  

18 at 1800 – Hold On by Graeme Blackmore

As if time mattered? Take one cup of tea, two Paracetamol, three Hobnobs, one comfy chair, two cushions and a pouffe! Sit back and enjoy!  

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