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Radio Shorts – Twelve at Twelve Replay

Our twelve at twelve radio plays are still available to listen to.

Here’s details of the twelve and links to where to hear them on the cornerHOUSE website;

Lifeboat by Emma Burton

When Robin booked a relaxing cruise to the moons of Jupiter, he never imagined it would end with him trapped in a lifeboat, drifting in space. With his fate in the hands of an inept customer support rep, Robin begins to wonder if he will ever get home. Listen here

The Viewing by Rodney Pearson
Mark & Amy have arranged an appointment with an estate agent to view an empty house. It is an executor sale, the owner having recently died. It is a cold, late afternoon in December and the light is starting to fade. The action takes place in real time over the course of the play, beginning as Mark & Amy arrive and continuing as they view the property. Listen here

Mr Bumble Is Dead by Malcolm Duffy

Sophie is studying hard for her GCSEs. She adores her pet cat, Mr Bumble, but on the eve of her exams, her Dad, Jeff, accidentally runs over the cat in his car. To ensure his daughter doesn’t mess up her exams Jeff needs to convince Sophie that Mr Bumble is still alive. Listen here

Lockdown Playwright by Miranda Fuller
A writer attempting her first play during Lockdown is finding it something of an obstacle course. Listen here

Kind like Sharen by Flloyd Kennedy
Helen is having enough trouble coping with her ageing body and mind, let alone her bossy daughter who is staying with her in the latest lockdown, when a disturbing phone call creates a challenge and leads to a new lease of life on her own terms. Listen here

The Portal by Tim Free
A daily riverside stroll often produces an ever emerging landscape, but rarely a dip into a new timezone. Listen here

ID by Susannah Finzi

They tell us it’s a secure, streamlined service with pick-up at your own convenience, but for one man it’s an existential minefield…Listen here

Always Wanted by Graeme Blackmore
Be careful what you wish for. There truly is more to life than money! Listen here

All in the Mind by Graham Large
Kevin Pollard is going through a mid-life crisis and imagines he is more of a sporting hero than he really is. His wife Jane is becoming exasperated. Listen here

Never A Cross Word by David LeVay
Phil and Debs decide to do the quick crossword, but this one turns out to be particularly tricky. Listen here

A Thankless Task (War) by Peter Whitehead
It is war-time and four colleagues in The Ministry vent their frustration at how the public is responding. Their discussion of the aura of failure that is shrouding the country culminates in a dramatic re-writing of history. Listen here

12 at 12 -A Good Boy by Tony Elston
School bores troublesome teenager Will who addresses Max.  The second lockdown has enabled them to spend lots of time together. Will is a ‘harder to place’ child in foster care, awaiting his annual review. Why is his foster carer, ‘Rob the Knob’ behaving so strangely? Listen here