the cornerHOUSE hosts regular classes and workshops

The cornerHOUSE is available to hire for public events, regular classes and workshops.

The cornerHOUSE welcomes hirers whose objectives are compatible with its own. We have a strong record of enabling artistic endeavours of all types and hope to be able to provide exciting facilities at realistic costs.

Initial enquiries about hiring the cornerHOUSE should be made to moc.liamgnull@maet.citsitrahceht 

Main stage

The main cornerHOUSE performance space is an auditorium with raised and sloped stage, stage lighting system and PA facilities (a full specification is available on request). The auditorium seats up to 150 and has been used in a variety of configurations, some of which limit the seating capacity. (For example up to 75 people can be seated at cabaret tables.)

Please see the attached PDFs for dimensions of studio and main theatre spaces

The centre also has a box office and foyer area which has lighted exhibition areas and a licensed bar with further lit display spaces.


There is a smaller studio space which is a black box theatre that seats up to 60 and can be set up in a variety of ways to suit the needs of individual productions. Layout Staging blocks are available, as is lighting and sound. (This space doubles as the dressing room for larger productions on the main stage).
Click here for example stage layouts and seating for studio.

Hire by the hour
per hour (minimum)
  • for workshops, classes etc
Hire for events with audiences
£140 minimum
or 40% of gross box office
  • £140 per performance if the production is in the auditorium, or £55 if it is in the studio.*

*If you are running a box office, 40 per cent of the gross box office receipts received are payable to the cornerHOUSE, or the relevant performance fee, whichever is the greater. If you aren’t charging for tickets, then we charge a flat fee of £140 for the auditorium or £55 for the studio (but please note: studio not available for booking at present). We will support you by providing staff for both types of performances/events. For more details email moc.liamgnull@maet.citsitrahceht

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