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Green Hair in the Mirror (How to Write a Novel)

A monologue written and performed by Flloyd (with 2 Ells) Kennedy. Filmed especially for cH-online in this, her 18th week in lockdown in Liverpool.

Flloyd was invited to perform a couple of songs in Susannah Finzi’s production “The Bottom Line” in July 2019. She returned to perform her solo show “Yes! Because…” in November 2019, and was looking forward to coming back to cornerHOUSE this year with her new show “The View from Over-The-Hill” when the pandemic intervened.

Flloyd is an experienced actress, singer-songwriter, performance poet and vocal coach. Here she is playing retiree Mrs Freddie Engles, a would-be novelist, attempting to create a video diary as an exercise for a Creative Writing “How to Write a Novel” workshop.

Music by Joan Melton. Short Pieces – I