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Fay Clough

Artist on-line at the cornerHOUSE

In my art I like to capture the beauty in places and people. Painting for me is a way to remember, to evoke a feeling. I utilize my art as a tool to combine my memories and observances of my everyday surroundings.
My interest is mainly in classical paintings. My interest in classicism started with a simple desire to draw well. I was struck by the vast difference between how artists drew in the 20th century and the way artists drew 500 years ago.
For me, the drawing style of the past resonates more with my style.
I have always had a closer connection to the styles from history, than today’s more modern approaches to art.
My ideas about art and classics are often different from today’s views of art. I believe that although the classical tradition belongs to history, the artistic process it represents is eternal. I am continually challenging myself to learn from the neglected art of the past.
I have a painterly approach, landscape and portrait are my favourite subjects, I find a great satisfaction in being able to capture likeliness, personality and emotions of painting people. I paint mainly in oil, but I use most mediums as and when I feel a change in approach. I am mostly self-taught but have been guided by Keith Robinson and Kevin Chapman along the way.
My main inspirations are John Piper, Tibor Nagy, Ester Negretti, Anna King, John Blockley, Gerhard Richter, Debbie Loane, Ricardo Galan Urrejola, Stewart Edmondson, Joaquin Sorolla.

Fay Clough
Fay will be exhibiting at the cH in due course and can be currently contacted on

My love for painting is a gift that I am thankful for each day.


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