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Calligraphy Art

Calligraphy artist Behnam Al-Agzeer has brought his attractive, script-inspired exhibition to the cornerHOUSE in 2013.


The Iraqi calligrapher is using his art to promote peaceful relations between Muslims and Christians.

Despite losing everything in Iraq, Al-Agzeer who was forced to flee his homeland in 2003 with his wife and daugher as sectarian violence targeted the Christian community in the northern city of Mosul, has no time for resentment and hatred. He is using his work to promote peace, justice and co-existence, and creating a dialogue between Christian and Muslim communities.

Al-Agzeer believes art can bring prosperity to all and can foster understanding and peaceful, lasting relationships.

“Christians and Muslims lived happily together in Iraq for thousands of years and there is no reason why they can’t live in peace and harmony again,” he says.

His prolific works portray verses from the Bible and Qu’ran and other religious scriptures sacred to both religions. The verses are beautifully presented in a variety of Arabic calligraphy scripts with gold and carefully selected colour combinations.

Since arriving in Britain, Al-Agzeer has taken part in a variety of exhibitions in Surrey. His fascination with art Arabesque has led him to familiarise himself with different styles, fonts and techniques of calligraphy specialising in Kufic script. He is also familiar with the Al-Qa’a, Al-Diwani, Ta’aleq and Nashikh scripts. His work has been incorporated in murals, posters, book covers, calendars, brochures, postcards, greeting and business cards. Some of his works have become museum pieces.