New Writing Festival

oneACTS 2013

Monday, April 29 to Saturday, May 4 2013

Secrets, ambitions, menace, a fun run and gobbledygook were just some of the themes which drove the 2013 oneACTS festival.

This year, the event featured nine new pieces of writing which had never been staged before.

“The plays selected to be part of this year’s oneACTS are a real mix of comedy and drama,” said oneACTS chairman Jon Constant. “There’s something for everyone to enjoy and some great roles for the many actors who auditioned for this year’s crop of original shows.
“The festival is a great way for talented local playwrights to see their hard work brought to life for the first time on stage.

The plays in this year’s festival were:

He Loves Me by Tim Harrison
Ode To A Belling Cooker by Ian Hey
Turn Left Here by Alanna Rodrigues
Couple by Colin Pink
Full Fat by Sharon Wright
I Touch The Sky Beneath My Feet by Eddie Coleman
I’m Backing Britain by Sean Lang
Who’s Who? by Patrick Adams
Going For Gold by Andy Moseley