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“Write it…and then write it better” A four part workshop for playwrights

A four part workshop for playwrights led face to face by Susannah Finzi begins at the cornerHOUSE this October

The workshop will run from 7.00 till 9.30 each Monday on 11th October, 18th October, 25th October and 1st November. A commitment to attending all four sessions is important for continuity. Numbers are limited, social distancing will be respected, and refreshments will be provided.

Susannah  introduces the workshop “They say writing is re-writing and it really is. How do you develop your first draft or two towards a script with a better chance of being ready for a cast, director and most important of all, an audience? Writing can seem like a lonely task and at this point our greatest asset can be other people.
This is not a ‘how to write” course. My view is there is no manual and certainly no silver bullet for writing well but there are a few baselines we all need reminding of. Write it…and then write it better explores some specific actions that I and other writers use in developing our scripts.
The workshops will take place in the auditorium at the cornerHOUSE. After the opening session, we’ll each write our own short scene and work through three stages culminating in table reads, and seeing how it works “on its feet” by reading on the cornerHOUSE stage. All you need to bring to the first session is a notepad and something to write with.
Expect to do some writing and redrafting between sessions, some reading out loud and to give and receive constructive feedback.”
To book a place on the workshop please go to the Ticket Source page for the course

For more information about the workshop please contact Susannah at or via