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So Let Us Shine

Guiding latecomers with her trusty torch as Front of House

Ann was a regular shining light at the cornerHOUSE.

Though I’m tempted to say she was a ‘leading light’,

She was a retiring sort, who might have said that wasn’t right.

She would come forward to help out if she thought she ought

But it was never the limelight that she sought.

Still her face often lit up with a rather cheeky grin

And, even without a torch, she shone from within.

I’ll miss you, Ann; I could tell you a joke and you got it.

And, if there was ever a funny side, then you were quick to spot it.

I don’t think you’d want a fuss now your torch has been extinguished

Or for us to go overboard and celebrate you as “someone quite distinguished”.

A shining example to us all, never a whited sepulchre,

I’m sure I’m not the only one who’s really going to miss her.

With that touch of roguish humour, a ready smile on her face,

I can in all honesty say: Ann always brightened up the place.


(In memory of Ann Lowes, 30 April 1943 – 8 August 2018)