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oneACTS 2016 – Directors Page

Whether you’ve directed before, or have acted, written or worked backstage at a play and fancy trying your hand at directing,  the cornerHOUSE one act plays festival is waiting to hear from you.

The festival is now in its 11th year. It was launched to provide an event for anyone interested in original playwriting. Since then it has gone from strength to strength, with the quality and quantity of entries increasing annually.

We are looking for people who would like to direct a play in oneACTS 2016, which will take place from Monday, May 9 until Saturday, May 14 2016.

The festival provides an opportunity for new directors to try their hand at a short play (between 15 and 30 minutes), and for more experienced directors to step back from larger productions and work with a small cast and minimal setting.

The cornerHOUSE artistic committee are currently reading through all plays entered for the festival, and will shortly be choosing up to 9 plays for performance. These will all be original, previously unperformed, works submitted by writers from across the UK and abroad.

If you are interested in directing a play, please email by 30 November. Directors will then be sent through the selected plays in December and asked to confirm their interest and let us know what plays they would like to direct.

Auditions take place in February, and directors can begin rehearsals as soon as their cast is confirmed. For more details of the oneACTS as a whole see our oneACTS guidance, and for more information on directing please read on…


  • Selected directors will read the selected plays and state a preference in order from one to nine or however many plays are being staged.
  • The oneACTS panel will then decide, based on these choices, who directs which play.
  • Roles will be cast by the oneACTS panel, taking into account, where possible, the directors preferences, following the auditions.
  • Any directors with actors in mind must ensure they attend the open auditions.
  • Writers are welcome to volunteer to direct, however they will be encouraged to direct a play other than their own. Preference will be given to ‘non-writer’ directors.
  • If a cast member drops out, then the director must go back to the oneACTS panel to discuss a replacement actor. A new cast member can only be chosen by the director in agreement with the oA panel and with the panel’s prior knowledge.
  • Directors will be encouraged to work with a producer.
  • Mentors may be appointed by the cornerHOUSE Artistic Team to oversee plays and help with any problems/issues which may arise.
  • No filming or photographs of your show, other than a cornerHOUSE appointed person, can be permitted without prior consent of the oneACTS panel.
  • If there is any cost involved in staging the production eg props/costumes etc, the director/producer must clear this first with the oneACT panel before they buy/hire any props/equipment etc. There will be no reimbursement of monies if the panel does not feel the outlay is merited and sanction it first. Basically it needs to be approved by the panel before there is any financial outlay.