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Make-up – The character stories

For anyone who came to see Make-up, the first play to be performed post-lockdown at the cornerHOUSE, this exclusive cH-online content gives you the backgrounds of Christopher Laneghan, Lady Christina, his mum and his dad.

Written as part of the development of the play, they were crucial in transforming it from a ten minute short piece into a full one-act play. From the character stories, writer Andy Moseley got to understand everything that had brought Lady Christina to the point she was at when you met her in the play. Some parts of the stories will be familiar to you from the show, other parts won’t be. However, all of them were essential in writing the play and all of them, in some small way at least, played a part in shaping the final version of the play.

For anyone who didn’t make it to the show, they’re four stories about four people and hopefully a good read!

Make Up Character stories 2019