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Artist of the Month – Anna Dyson

Anna is an abstract artist based in Kingston and painting became an important and positive part of her daily life when diagnosed with Dyslexia, Dispraxia and ADHD. Anna finds painting a creative outlet ‘through which to express myself and switch off and relax’
Anna paints in oils on canvas intuitively, working in a spontaneous style using colour to guide the form and not the other way round. ‘My works are untitled until you give them a title. Whatever they inspire in you….be it a helpful tool for your spiritual journey, memories of a loved one or a favourite place – the choice is yours’
Anna’s paintings are vibrant and tactile and she gains much pleasure in the different ways people react to her work and the strong emotions they sometimes evoke. Anna has also taken some of the images from her paintings and used them on clothing and greeting cards creating a completely unique range of her own designs.

Anna’s exhibition runs from 10th June – 8th July and she can be contacted on