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A Holiday Job

A new monologue by Dermot Murphy performed by Adil Hassan. Dermot is the writer of Timeshare Partner one of the plays that was scheduled for this year’s oneACTS and will now be performed in 2021.

Malik wants to earn some pocket money, but it’s not that easy, especially with those two around.  Is there any way to keep what he gets?

Adil Hassan’s theatre credits include One Day (Eastside/BFI), Watch Me Dance (Bush), Chaos (Whit City Youth Theatre Company).

Dermot Murphy’s theatre credits includes The Condor & the Maiden (King’s Head);  El Cóndor y la Niña (International Theatre Festival Bolivia); Don Quixote in Algiers (White Bear); Mastering BusinessRoom Service, Guests of the Cartel (Stockwell Playhouse)