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Lockdown 100

Tell us what Lockdown has meant to you in 100 words.

What impact has Covid –19 had on you emotionally, practically, physically?
Did we know what Zoom was before Lockdown?
How has home schooling worked out?
What is the new normal as opposed to the old one?
What if you don’t have a garden?
Are you working in your pyjamas or just lost your job?
Are you an NHS worker, teacher or driver?

This period will mean so many different things to us all from the devastatingly poignant to the surreal.
So share your thoughts with us in a max of 100 words. No previous experience of writing is needed, just get pen to paper.
We will post these on our website from July.
Please complete the form below with your submission. You can include your name or be anonymous.
We look forward to hearing from you.
One entry per person.

Lockdown 100
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